The Game Ordered To Attend Anger Management Classes

Compton, California rapper The Game must attend 36 anger management courses over the next five months as punishment for an altercation at a funeral in July.

A judge sentenced the rapper for allegedly striking his cousin Robert “Kirky” Kirkwood during an argument at a funeral for Kirkwood’s sister, who was sick for six years.

The Game was charged with criminal battery for the assault. According to Kirkwood, The Game had promised to pay half of the $14,000 in funeral expenses, but avoided the bill.

When The Game showed up at the funeral unexpectedly, Kirkwood claimed he confronted the superstar rapper outside of the church over the payment.

During an interview surrounding the altercation, Kirkwood claimed the rapper “stole” him and labeled him a “b**ch” for promising to pay for the funeral and later reneging.

The Game disputed Kirkwood’s claims, stating that he offered to pay for the casket and the flowers, but Kirkwood and the rest of the family declined, seeking a full payment from the rapper.

“They aint never been a real family,” The Game said after the incident. “I already know what their motivation is and it’s money. It’s really not my obligation and I felt like they were trying to play me.”

The Game, born Jayceon Taylor, could have been sent to jail if he had been convicted, because he is on probation for a previous firearm conviction.

In that incident, The Game was convicted of pulling a gun on another man during an altercation at the Rita Walters Educational Complex in South Los Angeles.