The Game Relives Rise to Fame With New DVD


wondering about how Compton, CA rapper The Game emerged as one of the best-selling

rappers on the West Coast will get the story straight from the rapper himself

in a forthcoming DVD.The

Black Wall Street produced feature, titled The Game: Life after the Math,

chronicles the lyricist's rise from the streets of Compton to the top of the Billboard

charts, as told by The Game himself.The

DVD is the result of The Game's new film production deal with Polychrome Pictures,

a full service entertainment, production and distribution company that supplies

content to Warner Home Entertainment in the US and Canada."I

am excited about my new relationship with Polychrome Pictures," the Game

said. "When this DVD hits the streets, people will finally get to see my


popularity of reality/documentary-based content falls in line with Polychrome's

goal of providing assist artists with "an outlet to tell their stories from

their unique point of view," added Dion Fearon, the company's vice president

of VP of acquisitions.The

Game debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart in 2005 with is debut

album, The Documentary.His

sophomore album, Doctor's Advocate, followed in the steps of its predecessor

by charting at number one, with almost 400,000 copies sold in its first week of


Game: Life After the Math DVD is slated to hit stores and Video-on-Demand

this summer.