The Game's Black Wall Street Label Issues A Statement On Radio Incident, Shooting

Following a series

of violent incidents this past week, including a shooting at Game's Compton home

and an alleged altercation at a radio station, the rapper's camp has responded


Reports have surfaced recently that Game and his manager Jimmy

"Henchmen" Rosemond allegedly assaulted Maryland radio station personality

Xzulu, apparently due to a comment Xzulu made about Henchmen's wireless headset.

"We don't understand how one discussion with DJ Xzulu,

of WKYS, involves The Game at all," the rapper's Black Wall Street label

responded in a statement. "We are as disturbed by this incident as he is,

and plan on confronting this matter head on, as soon as time permits."

Radio One, which owns WKYS, has reportedly stopped playing Game's

singles on their various stations nationwide as a result of the alleged brawl,

according to reports.

A Radio One representative was not immediately available for


Members of Game's Black Wall Street imprint said they were equally

perturbed, though not surprised, by another violent occurrence -- an alleged

shooting aimed at Game's home, also the company's headquarters.

"We are deeply disturbed that the community is not celebrating

that one Of its own has made it, but yet devouring it," Black Wall Street

said in

statement. "This type of violence has happened for years, but we did not

expect it to happen to us at this moment, as we are now giving back to

the community."

Reports also suggested Game’s current promotional campaign

had been canceled because of the shooting incident.

The company also

extended gratitude to those who've expressed concerns, adding that their associates

are safe.