The Game's Royalties To Be Garnished Until $7 Million Judgement Paid Off


The Game won't be able to take any of his hard earned money home until he squares up in a lawsuit.

(AllHipHop News) The Game has received some bad news, as his anticipated Born To Rap album is slated to soon drop.

A judged ruled that the rapper will not see any music royalties from the upcoming album or any music royalties until he pays off a $7 million judgment to Priscilla Rainey. Rainey was a competitor on the rapper's reality show "She’s Got Game" and alleged that the rapper sexually assaulted her in 2015. She won a default judgement in court when the rapper failed to show up.

An order obtained by TheBlast says: “Any and all rights, title, and interest of Defendant from the following companies in the form of, among other things, commission, royalties, contract receivables, deferred compensation, income, wages, payroll, salary, and accounts receivable: Sound Exchange, Inc., 733 10th Street NW, 10th Floor, Washington, D.C. 20001; and Entertainment One U.S. LP, Attn: Michael Healy, 22 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050. "

Now The Game's earnings are legally to be paid to Rainey and he will be held in contempt of court should he not comply with the order. According to Rainey, the Los Angeles rapper owes a total of $7,254,123.18 and explicitly stated that she all royalties derived from Born to Rap.

She also complained that the rapper has defamed her on social media and has openly refused to pay her any monies toward the debt. She also stated he has not been forthcoming about his finances.

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The law is 35% Then 40% Tax, Never Heard off 100%.

There’s A Bankruptcy Will stop a collections for 3m’s on Day One Instantly.
$0 Payback.

If they say no to that
Then there are’s another one where you pay 10% Total after Losing any Lawsuit,
With Liquidation or 10yrs
that what 50,Trump and Everyone else did. His Law Team is Trash.


Illegal they cant take all Earnings No even the Feds can do that. That will be over turned or he gonna fill Bankruptcy. She wont get anything then.