The Gay Rapper Emerges


the years, there has been a dubious omission to the diversity

of rap music, the openly homosexual rapper. Look no further

than Caushun The Gay Rapper

(a trademarked name).

What started out as a phone call to Hot 97's Funkmaster

Flex, caused Caushun to aggressively represent for all the

gay hip hoppers in the world. "After seeing how seriously

I wasn't being taken as a rapper, I realize that this is

a void that I could fill," he says. Since the fateful

dis from Funk Flex, Caushun was taken in by Flex's co-workers,

Star, Bucwild and Miss Jones from the morning show. The

highly popular morning team offered the artist regular publicity

since. And Caushun is not about to stop.

While being

the first gay rapper, Caushun is quick to make the distinction

between himself and others similar to him. "I'm not

some gay guy who raps, I'm a rapper who's gay," he

is quick to clarify. "If you listen to my lyrics, you'll

understand what I mean." And while gayness is certainly

a extensive part of the shocking appeal of Caushun, he also

mentions that statistically there are many people in the

hip hop community who are "in the closet" and

not reppin' like he is."It doesn't stand to reason

that a hip-hop community of thousands doesn't have one gay

person in it," he says. "The numbers and common

sense defy that."


his hunch is correct, because since emerging on the scene,

Caushun has continued to have a steadily growing stream

of press from MTV to concerts (Gay Prides 2001) to mass

media outlets -- all without a label deal. But, he has songs.

"Gay Rapper's D-Lite (I Want You)," a song akin

to Biggie' s "Dreams," has an oversexed Caushun

trying to run up in (or get run up by) rappers like Snoop

Dogg, Lil' Wayne and Jay Z. Other songs like "Ooh Who

Dat Be," "Severe (When Homo Thugs Attack)"

and "Come Out (Gay Pride Anthem)" from his forthcoming

album Proceed with Caushun are certain to shake things up.