"The Grey Album" Shelved, Danger Mouse Served Cease-And-Desist

After receiving adulations from various media

outlets for creating The Grey Album, Danger Mouse now must face the repercussions

of tampering with music by the Beatles.

EMI Records has issued cease-and-desist orders

to the producer, as well as independent retail stores and Web sites that have

been selling the CD.

Though Danger Mouse knew pairing Jay-Z vocals

from The Black Album with instrumentation from the Beatles' famed White

Album would land him in trouble, the producer told AllHipHop.com in a recent

interview that he had to put his creativity over anything else.

"It's illegal, I know that and it may get

me in trouble, but if I had thought about that I would have never made what

I thought turned out to be one of the best things I ever did," he said.

While DJs and producers have created other hues

of The Black Album, such as The Brown Album and The White Album,

don't expect those to be pulled from shells.

The difference from other Jay-Z remixed albums

is that Danger Mouse dared to use music from the Beatles catalog.

Sony Music and Michael Jackson own their catalog

in a joint partnership and EMI Records controls the sound recordings.

Danger Mouse only pressed 3,000 copies of The

Grey Album, and he said that he hoped the limited copies would protect him

from further legal action.