The High & Mighty Prepare New LP, Aim At Nelly, Hollywood & Fast Food

After a lengthy hiatus, Mr. Eon and partner DJ

Mighty Mi are aiming to raise some eyebrows with the release of their latest

album, The Highlite Zone.

"The lead single is called 'Take it off,'"

Mr. Eon told "It's all about the jersey's and how people

who don't know anything about sports are rocking the jerseys. We sent it to

Nelly because there are a couple of lines about him. We've been told his people

are telling him not to react."

And Nelly isn't the only target of the album.

Actor Michael Rappaport is also featured on the album and he is throwing rhymes

at his Hollywood peers.

"Mike always wanted to rhyme, so he did

a jawn called 'How To Rob An Actor.'"

The song, which is a spin of 50's 'How To Rob

An Industry N*gga,' features Rappaport jacking various actors. According to

Eon, a response to the song is already being prepared by Oscar Award winning

actor, Adrien Brody, who also raps under the name A. Ranger.

"From what we hear, Adrien Brody is supposedly

coming back, because Mike names him in the song."

Rappaport raps: "You walking down sunset,

but no one can save you/Affleck gimme that Rolex that J. Lo just gave you."

The crew also take aim at the fast food industry

on a song based on the critically acclaimed book, "Fast Food Nation,"

by Eric Schlosser.

"We go after the fast food restaurants hard,

it's on some serious sh*t," Eon said. "We got these girls singing the McDonalds

hook, but then I come in and diss their industry. I really think there is going

to be strong reaction from the fast food companies and maybe some kind of action

against the album because of the song."

The 16 track album features production by Mighty

MI and RJD2 and features guest appearances from Ra The Rugged Man, Cage, Copywrite,

Tame-One, Cannibal Ox and Philly native Rahzel, who takes the place of Ready

Rock C. and lends his beatboxing skills to a remake of Jazzy Jeff and Fresh

Prince's "Rock The House."

The Highlite Zone is slated to hit stores

October 7th on Eastern Conference Records.