The Hook: Getting The Answers With Sway Part 1[VIDEO]

For the very first installment of the new column "The Hook" we wanted to bring someone to you that could speak "edutainment" in a way that few others credibly can or will! Sway Calloway is one of those elusive guys within the game that has given everyone information over the years ranging in topics from music to politics to sports.

But what he very rarely does is give insight into himself. In this exclusive interview we got to know a little more about Sway and we're all thankful for it!

Take a look at what Sway had to say about growing up in Oakland, his brother from another King Tech and the history behind The World Famous Wake Up Show that many never knew, in Part 1 of our exclusive interview below!

See we told ya! And we're just getting started! Check us out next Saturday for a few more stellar stories from the Hip Hop historian and to hear what he would like to see for himself in the may just surprise you!

In the meantime check Sway out every weekday morning on Shade 45/Sirius XM's Sway In The Morningfrom 8 AM to 12 PM ET and The World Famous Wake Up Show Monday nights from 8 PM to 10 PM ET and Friday's from 12 AM to 2 AM ET! And of course never forget to check out the various projects he has going on over at MTV!

We want to send shouts to Sway's amazing Sway In The Morning team who went above and beyond to take care of us for the interview! Be sure to check for them over at