The Hook's "Getting The Answers With Sway" Part 2

In Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Sway, we learn a little bit more about what he thinks the new generation of Hip Hop artists are missing as it applies to the game.

Sway spoke on what he thinks some of the pitfalls are for up and coming rappers in the Hip Hop industry. 

On this generation of artists work ethic:

"A lot of artists don't want to do the work."

One of the biggest problems that new artists face:

"A lot of artists are cookie cutter imitations of their favorite artists."

We even got Sway to speak to us about the concepts and theories behind "The World Famous Wake Up Show" and it's beginning! [Editor's Note: Skyhook is a weekly contributor to the radio show] Many have been curious over the years as to why a show called "The Wake Up Show" comes on at night.

Sway explains:

"[It's a] double entendre because it came on at night time but we were enlightening people to parts of Hip Hop culture that they weren't being privy to."

Watch the conclusion of our interview with Sway.

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