The Houston Astros Celebrate World Series Victory With Grillz From Paul Wall

AllHipHop Staff

Rapper Paul Wall and Johnny Dang are helping players on the Astros shine - literally.

(AllHipHop News) Paul Wall and his business partner Johnny Dang has made good on making grillz for World Series champs, the Houston Astros.

According to Johnny, he was surprised by how many players accepted Paul Wall's offer to make custom grillz for the team, who beat the Los Angeles Dodgers to clinch the 2017 World Series Championship.

According to Johnny, most of the Astros have already stopped by his shop in Houston in the Galleria Mall to pick up their custom gold teeth.

"I was excited but I didn’t think that many [Astros] players were going to want to wear a grill," Johnny Daniels explained. "I am happy a lot of players stopped by to get one done. A lot of them have never worn a grill before and they want to try it out. It’s just another element, another way to celebrate.”

According to Johnny, so far he has made 40 sets of grillz with the same design for players on the Astros, who are welcome to come in and pay for any further upgrades.

In addition to celebrating with The Astros last week along with fellow Houston native Travis Scott, Paul Wall dropped a single to honor the team called "World Series Grillz" with Lil Keke and ZRO.
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That is dope as hell! And smart marketing. :) I love the unorthodox way to gain new business. Excellent strategy.


How much is Paul wall networth?