The Iceman Speaketh


T spoke

out at the WebNoize 99 internet music convention in LA last week,

talking about major labels. Ice was keynote speaker on the "Voice

of the Creator" panel. He said: "They (Major labels)

sign you up, turn you out, and keep most of your money."

Artists who choose to sell their albums on the Internet might

still be "hos," he said, but added "they're acting

as their own pimps." Ice followed Public Enemy's footsteps

and released 7th Deadly Sin, on the Internet-based Atomic Pop

label. "They're building a rocket ship and I want to be on

it. they're basically giving up the secrets. People come up to

me and tell me everything about their business. I'm learning everything

I need to know to do it myself. In five years, everything will

be in place and they'll be zipping their mouths. By that time,

I'll be able to fly the ship myself, and it won't matter who the

f--k's driving. Make all the connections you can, link onto as

many pages as you can. You can hand out cards on the street that

have the address where people can hear your song. You have to

be willing to do it yourself." We

hear that Ice.