The Internet Slams Travis Scott's Performance At The 2018 NBA Awards

Watch the Texan present a medley of his hits.

(AllHipHop News) The annual NBA Awards is a show that celebrates the basketball league's top talent. Viewers also get to see music artists perform during the ceremony.

Last night's broadcast featured Travis Scott running through a medley of records. Unfortunately, many Twitter users were not feeling the “Goosebumps” rhymer's presentation.

Some tweeters even claimed Scott was lip-syncing during his performance. Despite the criticism, the Houston native expressed his opinion about the night, by tweeting, "Rocked."

Travis also seemed unbothered about the online critiques when he returned to Twitter to post a picture with James Harden. The Houston Rockets star won his first NBA Most Valuable Player award.

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No. 1-1

This isn't a 1st.. pretty sure Joey Bada$$ or someone had a similar problem... Sound is apparently is god awful for performers in this situation.. Delayed playback in their ear maybe.. that'll fuck ya.