The Last Word 2012: Colonel Mary J's Chicken Flies The Coop

AllHipHop Staff

Our satirical and funny friend, Andre Leroy Davis, was back at it again in 2012 with “The Last Word”, his unique brand of cartoonish commentary on current events and politics.

In the multi-billion dollar world of celebrity endorsements...all "gwop" ain't good "gwop." Just ask the reigning Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. We've loved Mary J. Blige in her good times and bad, and in most of our eyes, she can do no wrong. Unless, it involves her being too excited to sing about a piece of fried chicken in a commercial jingle that we just couldn't bear.

Andre's artwork captured the unfortunate "Burger King Crispy Chicken Strips Fiasco" of April 2012 by picturing MJB with yet another chicken giant (BONUS - below it is the real commercial):

Colonel Mary J

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