The Last Word 2012: Keep Your Political Self-Interests - We've Got "Super'PAC"

AllHipHop Staff

Our satirical and funny friend, Andre Leroy Davis, was back at it again in 2012 with “The Last Word”, his unique brand of cartoonish commentary on current events and politics.

Politics can be a petty, nasty business, and in 2012, we saw the worst mudslinging, self-interests we've seen in years. The "SuperPACs" (Super Political Action Committees) were determined to pull their weight and their pocketbooks all the way to the White House.

Andre knows that Hip-Hop lives by a separate set of politics - and we aren't easily blinded by big talk and big dollars...unless it's a raucous rivalry between rappers. Check out who he thought (in hologram and spirit form) could save our day:

The Last Word SuperPac

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