The Life And Grind of ESSO #3

You know I had to hit u wit an exclusive right? Ha Ha! Check out my freestyle from DJ Dub Floyd's CD "Nightmare On Your Street." Shouts to Dub, I'm gonna be hosting one of the upcoming volumes so when that time comes I'll definitely let y'all know.

ESSO – 4th Quarter Freestyle

While I was in the studio I was also workin’ on a couple other tracks wit my homie Buda from PlatinumBoy Entertainment (Amadeus' production company). All I gotta say is that boy Buda is making the album. The shit we worked on is sounding like it might end up being the intro. I might leak a piece of it in an upcoming entry…we’ll see.

On the mixtape side of things I hit up MixUnit about gettin my mixtape up on their site, so for those of you who may have been hitting the websites up trying 2 find ESSOcentric, its now available through MixUnit. You can also cop directly off my Myspace (

Now that that's out the way...

Halloween...I never really been a big fan of Halloween...might be because that used to be Razor Tag night uptown, but the week of Halloween is always interesting. This year it started with the Epydemik DVD release (shouts to SynCity, Kat, Esteban and the rest of the Epydemik staff) the party was crazy...(Shouts to Jigsaw, Raze, Dynasty and Odeisel who were there also) I'll be honest I aint want to leave. We went from there to Little X's birthday party...yea Little X, the video director....CRAZY me, my cousin, Sickamore and my dude Tory from Atlantic were buggin’ at the table we had. Sick and Tory made sure my glass wasn't empty which was a good look, and the rest of the night took care of itself. What's even crazier is Like Dat from Flavor of Love was there and she was kickin it wit us too...BANANAS.

Thanksgiving I took some time to just chill with my family and kinda fell back from going out.

On December 4, I was on MTV's Sucker Free with Cipha Sounds.


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