The Life & Grind of ESSO Entry 7

Whatup? Since my last entry, there’s been a whole lot goin on over here. I’m putting the finishing touches on my second mixtape ESSObama: The Champagne Campaign and I’ve also been working on another project called Separated At Birth that I recorded last week with IB3, an artist out of Houston that’s signed to Mathew Knowles’ Music World Entertainment label.

ESSObama has been pretty much in the works since the day ESSOcentric came out. The success of the first mixtape is one of the main reasons that you’re even reading my journal here in the first place. I was also fortunate enough to be named “Unsigned Hype” by The Source magazine, appear on MTV’s Sucker Free, be reviewed by Scratch Magazine, and currently I’m also gonna be appearing in an ad campaign for Azzure Denim.

With all of that coming based off of one CD, I knew going into recording the second mixtape that I was really going to have to outdo myself. The first difference that people are gonna notice from the first mixtape is the hosting. Sickamore is still ridin with me, but this time I also got Cipha Sounds to co-host. Cipha has been real supportive of everything I been doing, and when I asked him to get involved he was with it. There’s also a lot more original music on the new mixtape than before. Now that the stakes are higher, I knew I had to take it to a whole different level, so more of the original work is on there. Other than that, there are a few surprises I’m not gonna give away here, but when it comes out, you’ll get a better idea of what I’ve been working on.

The second project I’ve been working on recently is Separated At Birth, a collaboration album that me and IB3 ( put together during a trip I took to Houston. IB is an artist I really respect and believe in, so it was a great opportunity to go down to H-Town and lock in the studio with her for a week. We did 16 songs in four days, all completely original, and its kinda crazy how the music came out. I don’t want to talk too much about Separated because it has the potential to really be something huge, I’ll have more info on that as it develops…but I want to thank everyone at Music World that welcomed me while I was down there, and I gotta thank Chris, Nino, Coline and Phil for making sure that I was good while I was down there.

So here we are in February, a month away from the end of the first quarter, and the grind is in full 1000% motion. March is gonna be a real big month for me, so definitely stay tuned to see how that plays out, and more info on the release of ESSObama: The Champagne Campaign. Other than that, you can always hit me on MySpace (, the official website ( or by email GONE.