The Man Accused Of Starting Fight With A$AP Rocky Escapes Charges In Sweden

The man who sparked a fight with A$AP Rocky and his crew will be facing no charges for his role in the fight.

(AllHipHop News) The man accused of picking a fight with A$AP Rocky and then getting beat up did not commit a crime.

Instead, a judge has dismissed charges against the man, who filed a police report against A$AP Rocky after he was beaten during a fight in Stockholm on June 30.

The rapper and two associates were arrested on July 2 and have been detained ever since.

A$AP Rocky posted footage showing how he tried to peacefully resolve the dispute with the men, who followed the rapper and his entourage.

The man became very aggressive and threw a pair of headphones at A$AP Rocky, triggering an all-out street brawl.

A$AP Rocky was charged with suspicion of assault, while the men were being investigated for "molestation," in reference to the fight and could have faced a year in prison.

This week, a judge is set to decide whether to dismiss the charges against A$AP Rocky, to charge him, or keep him jailed to investigate the issue further.

The rap star is facing up to six years in a Swedish prison for his role in the fight.

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Milwaukee crew
Milwaukee crew

So Sad


Lol... Though, i don't know what is funny in the video but if i were Asap, i would have done worst.. This guys needed trouble, and they got what they were looking for..


So the person who started it gets no charges but the person who didn't is still locked up?