The NEW New World Order

And so we have the change that we fought so hard for; a gigantic monumental

step towards the next phase of American evolution. The election of Barack Obama

is more than a victory for black people or for any racial subset. More than

anything else it was a triumph for the power of youth; for the voice of the

generation that has yet to make its mark on the face of America outside of pop

culture manifestation.

You can segment them with Generation X’s and Y's and Next's but this

generation (or group of them) has been defined by its underachievement and

apathy for anything non-immediate. Today

was the day that Generation Now got off its collective ass and voted against

the mortgaging of their future to preserve a present that has little regard for

their destiny.

Congratulations. Welcome to the first day of the New World Order. Not the

Illuminati world order but the real one. The one where you get out of the baby

seat and take the wheel of the street car named desire. The one where you vote; where you voice. The one where you

buy the politicians. The one where you

lobby. The one where you become aware of the way the world


If nothing else, Barack Obama has shown you that there is strength in

numbers. That three million people with 100 dollars is even stronger than 10

people with 30 million. That a bundle of

that many branches are unbreakable. Not

by slander, not by hate, and not by negativity. The lesson you should take from

this historic event is the power of organization and the true force of


The lesson you should take is that if youth culture marshals their

forces and puts the resources behind them, there is no power on earth that can

withstand it.

These opportunities don't come once in a lifetime. They don't come once every four years. They

come daily. They come when corporations think that old white men in an office

can determine what is cool for you to consume. They come when your favorite

artist goes double wood while some cat who can't spell is selling hundreds of

thousands of records.

You have been informed. You have

been shown the power of your collective voice on a macro level. Do not lose

sight of how to apply that on a micro level in your own lives. Your families,

your crew, your blocks are all there. Be a bundle not a branch.

Don't surrender your power to apathy and laziness. Long Live Barack

Obama. Longer live the spirit of youth. You can do even more than this. Change

is like marriage. It's not a destination it's a journey. President elect

Obama's... (wow) ascent is not the end but the beginning. The beginning of the

New World Order. Will you be the driving force, or will you continue the

mistakes of the previous world? This time you have a choice.