The New Style: Ice Cold!

Winter is here ladies, but that doesn’t mean our fashion has

to suffer. Here’s a breakdown of some of the hottest must-have items to keep you looking fly when you bundle up.

Let’s start with the most important item - the coat. The coat

trends for this season include three-quarter lengths and crops, which can be seen

on everyone from your next door neighbor to A-list celebrities.

The ever so classic wool pea coat continues to be top of the

winter coat list each year, now with newer designs in the form of squared flap

pockets and the double-breasted style. Other popular styles include plaids and

long belted type trench coats. Here are three winter coats that any fashionista would love

to have as a part of their wardrobe. The first coat is the trendy black and

ivory houndstooth print coat by Michael Kors. The length of this coat is really

a plus because it keeps you completely covered! The classic collared belted style embraces the

'60s era which is currently in fashion now.

The winter white Donatella hooded coat from Victorias Secret

comes in second. Trimmed in faux fur, this cozy wool coat has an expensive look

at a reasonable price. With this, I can see myself in diva mode.

Coming in third is a sporty yet youthful style by DKNY in

Berlin (shown here in plum). This coat has an urban Hip-Hop feel, but its practical. I can

wear this to a football game and look fresh with my raccoon fur-trimmed hood.

Next up are something we all need on the coldest days -

boots. This year the trends in winter boots include fluffy cuffs, belted style

and lace-ups. The winter is the time to prepare for the unexpected from rain,

sleet or snow, ladies, we must be prepared. Here’s a list of boots that

instantly caught my eye.

The stylish purple colored Miss Sixty Alba boot is the first

on deck. I fell in love with this boot from the moment I saw it! There is

nothing hotter than a knee high boot in soft suede; I can embrace the winter

feel while still preserving my sexy.

Second is the water resistant black North Face Nuptse fur

winter boot. This warm and plush boot is perfect for everyday winter, and its

rubber outsole will definitely prevent any woes from winter slips and falls.

The Steve Madden Women's Latchh Boot is third in my winter

boots collection. Fashionable yet classic, this charcoal grey buckled boot is

definitely the trendsetter at work or in the club.

The final must have item for this winter is a hat, which is

a requirement for every woman’s ensemble. This year’s trend for winter coats, boots

and hats all accessorize with furs and wool.

The first of our stylish winter hats is the Mad Bomber

Leather Hat. Since I love things that are made out of leather and fur, of

course hats are not excluded. This style which was initially found in cold

weather climates in Canada

and Russia has traveled and

made an impact on the fashion scene in the US.

Is there such thing as a sexy hat? Well if so, the military style Cassel Goorin

Legionnaire is definitely one. Coming in second, this style separates itself

from the typical winter hats that we are used too; its black silk and velvet is

sleek and stylish.

The third addition of our winter hat collection is the warm

Parkhurst Wool-Shredder Beanie. The all-wool beanie is perfect for any winter outing, and it comes in a variety of lively colors. It definitely does the job.

As a bonus, here are the three hottest colors right now for a dash of flavor. Purple can be seen as you walk through local stores to

designer shops. The color of royalty is here to help you claim

your fashion throne. Fuchsia comes in second, adding flare and spice to the

winter white. Finally, the staple color of this season: grey. The many

shades of this color are appropriate for various occasions and can be mixed and

matched to fit your particular style.

Even when it's freezing outside you can sparkle like a star with

all of these items. You don't have to spend thousands to look like a celebrity -

all you need is a little eye for style. Whether you’re going to work or a

night out on the town, make sure you have the proper items that will have your

swagger on high!