The Outlawz And dead prez Unite for New Album

The Outlawz and political rap duo dead prez are hooking up to record a new album titled Can't Sell Dope Forever.

Featuring appearances from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony member Layzie Bone and Messy Marv, the project aims to spark dialogue, while urging unity, power and progression in the streets.

The album title was inspired by Miseducated Society, a streetwise clothing company based in Atlanta whose "Can't Sell Dope Forever" tee has become a staple in southern hoods, echoing the need for change without preaching down to its intended audience.

Both the Outlawz and dead prez insist there are other ways to be empowered beyond selling drugs and glorifying the drug game.

Can't Sell Dope Forever also boasts cameos from newcomers Stormey and Malachi, as well as dead prez member's mother Nora, who appears on the track "Believe."

The album will be the first release from Affluent Records, a New York-based label headed by Oscar Sanchez, formerly of Def Jam and Violator.

The company, modeled in the same vein as Def Jam and Bad Boy, is distributed by Caroline/EMI.

"Dead prez and the Outlawz are some of the most explosive acts in the market today and we are very happy and proud to be able to launch Affluent with these world class acts," said Sanchez. "I love their movement and respect their business. I've always been a fan. Now I get the chance to show the world with them their overall vision."

A contest will also be launched to coincide with the album, which hits stores later this year.