The Outlawz Create Custom Tupac Clothing


Young Nobel of the Tupac-helmed Collective The Outlawz has founded Outlaw University clothing, which offers a bevy of gear from the crew.

by Houston Williams (@AllHipHopcom) News.

Some of the exclusive garments even pay homage to the late Tupac, who served as a leaded for the group.

In an online statement, Nobel explained Outlaw University.

“Outlaw University Clothing represents the school of life. The lessons we learn along the way that shape the men and women we become. We represent honor, respect and the spirit that doesn’t give up. We represent the real, the truth and we stand on our principles at all cost. We represent the voice of the voiceless, the hope for the hopeless. We represent Inspiration! We represent the beautiful struggle!,” the statement said.

Click here for more information and to buy items like the Kadafi & Makaveli Tribute Jackets seen below.

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Slaute to thuglawz thuglife and outlawz. May pac legacy livez on. T.i.p 2 all the fallen souljahz. Power to the people.