The Outlawz Prepare Two New Albums

The Outlawz are preparing

to release a new album, titled Outlawz 4 Life 2005 A.P.

The album will feature all new material from group members E.D.I.,

Kastro and Young Noble.

The group was originally assembled by the late Tupac Shakur

and despite their close relationship with Pac, the group has opted to forgo

any appearances by the legendary rapper on the new album.

"It's time for us to stand up on our own," Noble said.

"Pac did enough for us. He gave us the blueprint. We're talented and we

don't need to have Pac on the album. People want to hear some new Outlawz stuff

and they want to hear us on their own."

The 17-track album is one of two projects the group is preparing,

as they will drop another album titled Chapter 2 The Rebirth.

“We're not concentrating on rapping for other rappers

or rapping for the girls,” Noble said. "We're trying to make real

substance with everything we do. We were taught by the best and we can't have

it any other way. Everything we go through, we put it into our music. We learned

that from Pac. That's what music is about, experience. That's why some people

will rather listen to oldies that what's out now. It's timeless when it comes

from the heart. We're trying to make music like that.”

Outlawz 4 Life

2005 A.P. hits stores April 19 on 33rd Street Records.