The Outlawz Return With 'We Want In'

Veteran rap collective the Outlawz are planning a new album titled We Want In.

We Want In is labeled as the group's "declaration to music moguls, program directors, industry gatekeepers and hip hop bosses that with all due respect, they want in the game."

The album, which is being distributed by 1 Nation Entertainment/Gold Dust Media, will be released in North America, the UK, Japan, South Africa and New Zealand on August 5th.

The first single, also titled "We Want In," was released to a number of internet and television outlets today (June 17).

The Outlawz enjoy a sizeable fan base, after their work with group member Tupac Shakur. The Outlawz have written, produced & featured on over 60 million albums sold worldwide.

While they have made high profile cameos with rappers like T.I., Eminem, Young Buck, Snoop Dogg, E-40 and numerous others, The Outlawz have never released an album on a major label.