"The Race" Rapper Tay-K Reportedly Set To Be Tried As An Adult In Murder Case

The teenage rhymer's single is climbing up the charts as he faces serious charges.

(AllHipHop News) Dallas rapper Tay-K made a lot of headlines in recent weeks for the fact "The Race" hit the Billboard charts even though he's currently behind bars.

Tay-K (born Taymor Mcintyre) is facing capital murder charges, and the 17-year-old is reportedly being tried as an adult in that case.

New York Times reporter Joe Coscarelli released a statement from Mcintyre's lawyer James McMillan. It reads:

We just concluded the “certification transfer” hearing for Mr. Mcintyre. The judge has ruled that his case should be moved to adult court case based on his age (and the fact that the juvenile court will lack jurisdiction soon). The judge was very clear to tell Mr. Mcintyre on the record that this decision had no bearing whatsoever of his guilt/ innocence in this case. After a full day of hearing with numerous officers testifying under oath, officers testified there was no evidence that Mr. Mcintyre engaged in any violent act or possessed any weapons. Mr Mcintyre remains upbeat after this hear. I believe once all of the evidence is presented, Mr. Mcintyre will be exonerated on all charges. We look forward to moving ahead.

On June 30, U.S. Marshals took Tay-K into custody in New Jersey. The Santana World mixtape creator had been on the run from Texas authorities since March after allegedly fleeing house arrest for a separate case.

"The Race" is about Tay's mission of escaping the police. At the moment, the song holds the #49 spot on the Hot 100 and its video has over 33 million views on YouTube.

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Young generation now has been raised by a baby so this is the result.Stupid music infest youth to be what they have become.


If u kill someone u deserve the consequences