The Raider Klan's RELL Explains XXXTentacion Beef, Drops New LP

Founding Raider Klan member RE77 talks about his new music and his once-soured relationship with the late XXXTentacion

After establishing himself as a founding member of the Raider Klan, rapper RE77 - pronounced RELL, recently released his project R.A.8.N. along with a host of videos.

Using themes with double meanings throughout his music, RE77's R.A.8.N. project stands for "Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity."

For this project RE77 expects fans to look for a deeper meaning in his music while still getting the turn up vibe his fans have come to expect from the Raider Klan's music.

"All my records got double entendres that people miss because I rap too fast and they may not be listening to all the lyrics like they used to - people aren't thinking about the records like that. My records are a mix of meanings and that turn up music, so you have to pay attention," RE77 explained to "The project is called [RA8N], that 8 is an infinity sign flipped over and the infinity sign is part of the acronym. It means Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity. I pretty much based it on how I have been feeling. I'm heading out to Canada with the head of my label to start on another project with a different mindset, where I can get a whole different view of life."

While speaking about his upcoming album, RE77 also touched on the passing of XXXtentacion, who was closely affiliated with the Raider Klan and is well known for having lived with Denzel Curry at the Raider Klan's infamous U.L.T. house for a period of time.

"I met XXX through Curry and I was around when XXX and Ski Mask the Slump God started pumping out to the shows and they ended up living with Curry. It was a like a get away where you could create and you weren't judged and we did this shit from the beginning.

"With him he was hard headed bro. Me being me I'm always in the middle and I wasn't forcefully in the middle, but obviously social-wise I am a mediator. If I am able to do my part, as far as knowing people in the group, I'm going to do my part unless I don't agree with something, like if its some shit that's pointless, but I'm gonna end up trying to solve some shit," RE77 explained.

Part of the pain of losing XXX was that he and RE77 had recently worked out some of their issues before XXX was murdered.

"All our issues and all that s##t started with some altercation bulls##t with Raider Klan, I felt like he was trying to insert himself in it for the wrong reasons, but I can't really judge nobody or their intentions neither so I can't say what I thought was right. But it was how I was thinking at that time, and now know what I do, I wouldn't have done that," RE77 explained. "Its just the way he was moving, he didn't understand that it was way more serious than how he thought it was, because he never knew what I knew when he was doing some s##t. You feel me?"

"It was at least two occasions where I was like listen dammit! Why am I going out of my way for you? He was always doing some s##t and I was trying to save him. I had only knew him for a few months and it was like every time he was doing some s##t, but I was trying to help him and save him subconsciously because that's what I do. It's pointless to argue and I tried to help him morally understand situations."

While RE77 had his issues with XXX he says that the two could talk to each other on certain levels and learn from each other despite their differences at times.

"I peeped a lot of the s##t that he had to say. It's just weird not only because of the people that it affected. It's like how many times do you speak to somebody before they really understand? Like me him and a lot of other people I know were at a point to where we could speak to each other on another level. Like him being one of those people trying to understand and get past the bulls##t and how that s##t happened when it happened, that s##t was lame as f##k man. Its just part of the bulls##t that people gotta learn to avoid man. Learn to avoid it dog."