The Real Rick Ross Sides With 50 Cent, Seeks New Faces For Films

AllHipHop Staff

Recently freed drug kingpin “Freeway” Rick Ross has revealed plans for his career and record label now that he has his freedom, after a 14-year-prison sentence.

The Los Angeles-based rising entrepreneur has launched a label and website,, which will seek new faces to star in new movies being produced by the reformed drug dealer.

Ross appeared on AllHipHop Radio’s Eric B. and Friends morning show today (October 26) and revealed details about his post-prison plans.

“I’m working on four movies right now, including one with Mike Epps," Ross revealed. "I am going to be letting people off the site play in the movie. If you are trying to get on that’s what we are doing, putting people on."

Ross also expressed his support for boxer Floyd Mayweather and rapper 50 Cent, two celebrities that have feuded with Miami rapper Rick Ross, who adopted the elder Ross’ name.

"50 Cent called me the day I got out and let me know if there was anything I needed to just let him know," Ross told Radio. "I don’t know how he got my cell but the morning I got out he called me and expressed his support."

During the interview, Ross broke down his strained relationship with Philadelphia rapper Freeway and Miami emcee Rick Ross, who was born William Roberts III.

“In the beginning I was offended being in prison. Prison makes you a little bitter. I was a little bitter that they didn’t reach out and show me some love for using my handle,” Ross continued. “But right now I am enjoying life. Freeway reached out a week before I got out, but Rick Ross has never reached out, he still hasn’t reached out.”

Ross was freed from the Texarkana Federal Prison in September of 2009, after serving 14-years of a 20-year sentence, after he was busted purchasing 100 kilos of cocaine from undercover agents in 1996.

An attempt to contact rapper Rick Ross was successful when the rap artist first burst upon the national scene in 2001, but the conversation didn’t go well.

“He abruptly stopped taking my phone calls," Ross told "I didn’t come with my hand out, I came with ideas that I thought could make their career better. I don’t want to be around nobody where I am just getting fed, I want to be somebody that brings substance to the table.”

The drug baron, who often counted up to as much as a million-dollars per day through his crack dealing operations, is currently finalizing his autobiography in addition to a film centered around his controversial life.

“I am more prepared now than I ever have been before in my life,” Ross stated. “I took all my prior experiences and ive been able to flip them into this legitimate world. I’ve transformed my drug experiences into legitimate business.”