The Recording Academy Announces Best Rock/Rap Gospel Grammy Category

The Recording

Academy has announced a new submissions category for potential Gospel Grammy Awards

winners titled Best Rock Gospel or Best Rap Gospel.The

nod to Gospel Rock/Rap comes as the demand for both genres of music increases

and according to statistics published by the Gospel Music Association, Christina

Rock/Hip-Hop account for almost 25% of all Gospel music sales.Digital

downloading of Gospel music is also on the rise, posting nearly 163 percent growth

in digital album sales from the first half of 2005, compared to the same time

period of 2006. So

far, the best selling Gospel digital track in 2006 in "Beautiful Love"

by The Afters. “The

first half of 2006 has been encouraging for gospel music,” GMA President

John W. Styll said of the industry's growth. “It is especially good news

that the growth extends to a wide diversity of albums and styles, suggesting that

the inspiring and compassionate message that unifies all gospel music is resonating

in our culture today.” The

new categories for Gospel music are effective for the 2007 49th Annual Grammy

Awards submission window of Summer/Fall 2006.