The Roots' ?uestlove Hitting UK For Exclusive DJ Set

(AllHipHop New) The Roots’ front man ?uestlove will don his DJ hat this September, when he performs his only DJ set of the year in London. ?uest will man the turntable during London’s The Doctor’s Orders and it will be his only DJ set of the year in the U.K. According to organizers, ?uest’s set will feature Hip-Hop, 70’s funk, 80’s soul and more. "We have had ?uestlove right at the top of our wish list of guest DJs from the start five years ago and despite getting close it has never quite came through, till now, said The Doctor’s Orders’ promoter, DJ Spin Doctor. “Here are few people that have made such a direct impact on what we play at our parties so to finally have him manning the decks is a real treat. I am so amped about this gig already!" In addition to ?uest and Spin Doctor, other DJ’s hitting the tables during the evening include host Deke Evergreen, Eric Lau, Mr. Thing, DJ Lok and Chris P Cuts. The event takes place September 11 at the East Village.