The Songstress of Floetry To Sign With Dr. Dre

Aftermath CEO and super producer Dr. Dre has struck an informal deal with Marsha "the Songstress" Ambrosius of Floetry fame, and the two will produce a solo album for the London-born singer.

Dre, who recently attended one of the group's Los Angeles shows, already has a working relationship with Floetry. Futhermore, Ambrosius laid down backing vocals on the Dr. Dre-produced song "Start From Scratch" by The Game.

"I have been offered a once in a lifetime opportunity to create my own album," Ambrosius stated. "Along side the mastery of Dr. Dre's magic and the collaborative efforts of my choice, I shall make my personal mark in music history. Of course, the type of person that am, I took a lot into consideration. Whereas many wouldn't have even blinked an eye lid before saying yes, I actually did."

Ambrosius firmly stated that she was still a member of Floetry, a group that has accumulated seven Grammy nominations, most recently for Best Urban/Alternative Performance for "SupaStar," from the new album Flo'Ology.

"I've dreamt a long time that my chance would come and I deserve the opportunity to really tell my story," Ambrosius continued. "I believe that this would be completely beneficial to Floetry as well as my long term goals. I instantly got butterflies when I heard about the offer. I believe that the collaboration between myself and the powerhouse of Aftermath will put a glitch in the Matrix."

Sources told that a deal was still being negotiated, yet the two were still in the studio recording tracks for Ambrosius' debut solo effort, which does not have a release date at press time.

Floetry also received a nomination for Outstanding Duo or Group for the 37th Annual NAACP Image Awards, which airs on FOX in March.