The Source Awards Turned Out


to the current mindset of Hip-Hop artists, and the Thug image

that everyone that seems to be so trendy in today's music, The

Source Awards ended shortly after in began. Prior to the event

beginning, DJ Quik was involved in what appears to be an unrelated

scuffle outside of the auditorium, when he was briefly handcuffed

for breaking up a fight. An unidentified man ran past Quik as

he was giving an interview, and punched a member of his entourage.

An hour and some change later, a fight broke out backstage, that

moved the scenery on stage, a fight broke out in the audience

at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium.

Unconfirmed reports

have put E-40 and members of his entourage as trying to break

up the melee, that The Outlaws, and Shyne were beefin, that Death

Row was partly responsible where T-Shirts that said: Dead Man

Walking with a picture of Snoop on it, that either Prodigy or

Havoc of Mobb Deep was beaten badly, and that Krayzie Bone was

knocked around as well. These are all just the reports that are

coming in, no one was arrested and Layzie Bone disputed that Krayzie

was hurt, telling allstar: "What I seen was a whole bunch

of motherfuckers beating a lot of people, but it didn't have nothing

to do with Layzie Bone personally. What I just seen was a lot

of stupid niggas and I don't know what the fuck was going on.

But I know none of my niggas ain't got touched. I was seeing the

show and shit just broke out. But me and my niggas got up out

of there untouched. That's all I know. I did see some niggas get

swamped on, I just don't know who the niggas was."

The 2,500 attendee's

were shuffled out of the auditorium. Cappadonna told Sonicnet:

"Brothers still can't get along...Brothers gotta hold hands

for a while, man. Stop poppin' each other like that, or else we

ain't never gonna get nowhere." The awards was scheduled to be

broadcast on UPN next week, but the fate of the show in now in

doubt. Last years show brought the highest ratings the network

ever had on a Friday night.

Bluntly put, the story

is still forming, and all of these events, though witnessed, are

besides the point. The bottom line is, it's hard enough for the

best selling Genre of all music, to do tours or get booked into

shows, so compounding the issue with nonsense rivalries and problems

makes it ten times worse for everyone. Imagine this happening

at the Billboard Awards. Although the media is going to make jokes

of this issue, and blame it on the music, keep in mind that it

is the people that contributed to this sad event.