The Source To Hold Press Conference Surrounding Alleged Eminem Tape

<font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"The Source Magazine will hold a press conference today, unveiling what they allege is an audio track recorded by Eminem which according to a press release, contains "racial slurs about black women and black people in general."Source founder Dave Mays and Raymond "Benzino" Scott will play the recording from start to finish, which they claim was obtained by three hip-hop fans from Detroit who were "peers" of Eminem in the early 1990's when the recording was made.According to the press release, the magazine claims to have verified the authenticity of the tape, but did not reveal what measures they took in determining whether the tape is indeed the voice of Eminem."The tape contains what is clearly identifiable as Eminem's voice, reciting racial slurs targeted against Black women," the magazine said in a press release. "It proves Benzino right after a year of being vilified by the media for bringing such questions surrounding Eminem to the fore."In the past, the magazine has included full page posters and cartoons depicting Eminem as Elvis and Benzino crushing candy M&M's in addition to a variety of articles aimed at discrediting Eminem and artists on his Shady Records. Benzino and Eminem have also recorded numerous records aimed at discrediting each other."Bringing this tape to the public is the latest chapter in The Source Magazine's ongoing effort to expose influences corrupting Hip-Hop, including racism," the magazine said.