The Source Wins Court Ruling, Will Issue Eminem CD

The Source magazine won a court case that will allow them to include a snippet CD of racist remarks the rapper made against African-Americans.U.S. District Judge Gerald E. Lynch said the magazine can publish up to :20 seconds of the CD and ruled that the usage of the snippets fall into fair use of copyrighted materials with the intent to criticize.Last week, Eminem won a court ruling blocking The Source from releasing the previously unreleased recordings, that feature a younger Eminem using the word n*gger and making degrading comments about African-American women.The magazine will place hundreds of thousands of the CD's in the February issue, which is scheduled to hit newsstands in January.The magazine released the tapes in November, after three of Eminem's peers provided the magazine with a copy.Eminem has issued two apologies, saying he made the recordings after he was dumped by his African-American girlfriend.The ruling is the latest chapter in a long running feud between the magazine and Eminem.