The Top 5 Best Name Changes In Rap

Editor's note: The views expressed inside this editorial aren't necessarily the views of or its employees.…

Editor's note: The

views expressed inside this editorial aren't necessarily the views of or its employees....Continued from the "Top 5 Worst Name Changes In Rap." This ain't serious.1) Killer Mike to Mike Bigga

We know the change takes some getting used to, but Killer

Mike had to do it. Sadly, America simply wasn't ready for a big, Black,

intelligent brother with the name Killer in front of it. Killer Mike could

easily be America's worst nightmare, but he's actually a dream for many. But

the name was stopping his money, sponsorships and his growth as an artist. He

needs to be heard by all, not just a small sector of people that happen to get


2) Snoop Doggy Dogg to Snoop Dogg

This was a good move that took place early in Snoops career.

We can't remember why he did it in the first place, but somehow it was just too

much to be named after a cartoon dog and then have the species represented two

more times in the name. He could have called himself Doggy Doggy Doggy and it

would have been the same. So, preening the name back was fine and highly

desirable to the masses as well as the OG's career

Ol' Dirty Bastard to Big Baby Jesus

When the history of Hip-Hop is all said and done, there

needs to be special mention of Ol Dirty Bastard changing his name to Big Baby

Jesus. Awwww, yeah! Lets just remember that his first commercially accepted

name was wildly ill. But, when he flipped it after only one album, it was an

act of artistic genius. Not only, he totally forced the mainstream world to

accept his God-like stature in the rap game. Big Baby Jesus!

4) P. Diddy To Diddy

I really don't know what the "P" ever stood for.

Certainly, it could have stood for Puffy, but then the Diddy wouldn't make any

sense. Puff Diddy? NAH! So, it is clear that the "P" really served no

purpose! So, when Sean Combs dropped the "P" and just went to Diddy,

we got it. A lot of people didn't get it, but I sure did! The "P"

never made any sense to me to begin with! Kudos, Diddy!

5) T.I.P. To T.I.

Do you remember why T.I. is named such? T.I. had a bit of

respect for Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest and didn't want any confusion. So, he

changed it from T.I.P. to T.I.. Now, T.I.P. stood for "The International

Playa", so I am not sure what T.I. stands for. Maybe it just means

"The Infamous" at this point since his legal matter has garnered him

so much attention. Nevertheless, T.I. just has a great ring at this point and

ultimately made the Atlanta rap don did the right thing for another legend and

his own career.