The Top Feels So Much Better Than The Middle (no homo)

As I write this, it’s 12 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon. I'm laying down

flipping between the Mets and the Yankees, bouncing back and forth

between AIM, emails and trying to write this on my sidekick, flipping

through a script, and my iPod is sitting right next to the remote, waiting for me to figure out that

I really don't need to hear Bobby Murcer and Michael Kay narrate the

game. By the way, I just realized that Eric Gagne is on the Texas

Rangers (if you don't know baseball you can ignore that one).

I'm in the middle of what I like to call purgatory. Somewhere between

being completely immersed in my career, and probably one step from

leaving it all behind. If you ever wanted something, you probably

understand what I'm going’s something like the last few

months of senior year in high school or maybe the week between finals

and graduation in college. The few minutes after you downloaded that

song you had to find before you play it. It’s a bittersweet place to be.

The funny s**t, is that people try and tell me to enjoy this time. Can

you believe that? After this from what I hear my life isn't gonna be

the same anymore, and the pace I think I'm running at is gonna look

like Diddy tryin’ to keep up with the Kenyans in the New York Marathon.

So I try and enjoy it a little bit, but its not so easy especially when

I'm dealing with acute writersblockitis. Thank for giving

me a chance to write something other than songs...hahaha!

Summertime looks like it’s gonna be real busy. I'm gonna be going on a

tour with my homie Sickamore in July and August, so make sure when we

breeze through your city you come check us. I'm also involved in an independent film that's in pre-production right now and a couple other things I can't

really talk about right now...but that's just the business I guess.

Last but not least, if you're in NYC on May 29th, I’m gonna be at Club

Midway ( in Lower Manhattan, and June 13th come check

The Champagne Convention concert. For more details on shows, check my MySpace page ( I'm gonna have a few friends with me, and of course, I’m gonna tear it down!! GONE



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