The Tragedy: Haiti Through The Eyes of A Haitian American

In light of the recent tragedy that has taken place in Haiti, I can't help but think about all the lives that have been lost and the numerous families that have been affected. We live in a world were information travels at such a rapid pace and is forgotten just as fast. What does this tragedy mean to Haitians? What does this mean to Americans? How will this affect the world?I pray this is not is not dismissed as the latest "trending topic" on twitter where there is a swell of concern until the next tragedy happens. The time to act is NOW!I was so happy to hear that all of my immediate family was safe. However there are still many people missing and lost in the rubble. It is estimated that thousands have lost their lives. My hope is that those lives have not been lost in vain.Haiti has a rich history, however if your information on Haiti has come through the American or Worldwide media I am very sure you have no idea how rich this history is.The Haitian Revolution is the only SUCCESSFUL slave revolt in history and established the first republic ruled by black people. In my opinion this is why Haiti has suffered so within the past two centuries. In a world dominated by white supremacy the idea of a black republic ruled by former slaves could not sit well with the more prominent ruling class. So as a result they paint a picture of Haitian being poor, illiterate and incompetent. That picture is the furthest from the truth. Haitians not only led the revolt in Haiti but also helped to free the Americas and represented a beacon of hope to those enslaved in America during that time. However so many of us do not know this and if we do know this we ignore it, or don't know the significance. Well this recent tragedy can't be ignored. Haiti has to be set right before anything good can happen on this side of the world. God has spoken. I expect America and the world to STAND UP and help Haiti. America can no longer turn a blind eye to Haitian suffering and at the same time Haiti must maintain it's autonomy."L'Union Fait La Force" translated "Unity Makes Strength" you see this saying on the Haitian Flag and it means more now than ever. This saying applies to the Diaspora and not just the Haitian people. Its time to get UNITED and BUILD!!In the near future I will be holding a series of events to assist in the rebuilding Haiti. I know they will be successful and its the least I can do. I will be reaching out to many of you and I truly hope that you are able to donate time and or money toward the cause of making the world better.If you are looking to make a donation now.....Please text "YELE" to 501501. It will charge your phone $5 to donate 2 the Haiti Earthquake relief, headed by Wyclef Jean. Please HELP. You can also hit YeleClick here to see the devastation firsthand.