The Wake Up Show's King Tech Talks Good Deeds And Helping The Cause

Often times people in the entertainment industry get a break, find themselves elevated to the next level and they do everything in their power to forget where they've been or who paved the way for them to get where they are currently. Well, thankfully, this is not the case when it comes to the "Wake Up Show" crew over at Shade 45! Sway, King Tech and DJ Revolution are making headlines for doing something that does not involve throwing chairs or being shifty. Actually, it's the complete opposite! They are giving back to the Hip Hop community in a huge way and King Tech sat down with to explain it all! Thank You so much for taking a few minutes out to inform us about this event sir! We know you have a really big project that hits today, April 15th at 8 PM est, can you tell us about what you are doing and who is involved?

King Tech: Well, A while back, like 4 months ago, Sway, myself and Dj Revolution did a rap battle called "The Wake Up Show Rap Battle". The Wake Up Show was always known for finding the newest hottest mc's.

So, when Sway got his new slot on Shade 45 xm radio, that's the first thing we wanted to do. That's our way of reaching out to new mc's that need a shot to get in the game. It came down to six guys who battled live on Sway in the morning, Chris Young, D.A.GO, Mitch Littlez , Yancy Deron, Dre Bill and M.O.E. Chris Young won the battle and the prize of $2,500. But then we decided to add to it and extend the opportunity. We gave the guys some dope tracks and saw how they did in the studio. This is where the producers M.Stacks, Track Bangas and Bosko got involved. This weekend we played final mixes of their collaborations.

Around the same time a few weeks back, I got a call that Saafir has gone paralyzed. I was like Whattt?! Doesn't anyone give a Damn? This is not cool, how can we help? I thought why don't we use our contest to bring some attention to Saafir's situation. So we combined the two for this special mix going down tonight on Shade 45.
After it airs, I will contact all the mixtape sites and see if they'll be willing to get down with us in just pushing it out to the fans so that we can further expose these artists and Saafirs story." Wow! That's a lot to take in all at once, tell us, what has Saafir meant to you personally in your career over the years?

King Tech: It's not really what he has meant to me so much as, i saw this brother pay his dues in hip hop, like we all did in the 90s, now no one seems like they gives a damn, which is very disappointing to me. I saw Saafir once in a while over the years, but not enough to say I'm doing this because that's my closest homie. I'm doing this because another human being that we all knew and came up with needs our help! We have a nice platform to bring attention to stuff like this. Sometimes I wish these rap/industry guys that are making millions a year would just give back a little or just pay attention when people like Saafir need a little help. Maybe they do, but trust me, many artists toured with, made records with Saafir, and did projects with him that have way more power than us, and are acting like they've never heard of dude! If people want to help they should just go

Wake Up show  -new Sway pic1 Okay, so is there a lesson that you have learned during the course of your involvement with this project?

King Tech: I always knew this day was coming where the OG's would need help one way or another. There is no hip hop retirement plan. So young artists really need to start paying attention to what is going on with their funds, learn about investing, i.e stocks, bonds, yield returns, real estate or TD Ameritrade, etc. Basically prepare for the future.

King Tech: I have also learned from this project that there are a lot of talented young artists that need more help understanding everything from how to make a record, to mixing a record, to mastering or shooting videos. These days everyone rushes to put sh*t out before its ready, sometimes its better to maintain a low profile until you've built your skills & confidence. Playing the observer role for a while until you are ready. A dope finished project gives you an advantage, over 80% of the unfinished mess that's floating all over the net these days." What are you hoping the people take away from Monday nights show?

King Tech: Two things, one is that when we have a contest or we are reaching out to you through our radio shows, take advantage of it. Here are six guys I had never heard of that are getting airplay and being heard across the country, including Canada and Europe.

And the other is there will be a point in your life you will need help, and every good deed you do comes back to you, I've seen it. I told my daughter once, its like adding points to your spiritual credit card. One day you will need a favor from your guardian angels and they will respond. I've had to use that card once or twice, believe me.
So go to and donate a dollar or two or five, whatever! Saafir was in a legendary battle that took place right on our show on KMEL radio in San Francisco. The tapes of that battle went worldwide. It was real, as real as shit gets. Listen to the audio and you can hear it Hobo vs Hiero Battle." How can people keep up with you sir?

King Tech: For now twitter @wakeupshow is cool or hit my brothers @realsway or @djrevolution we are all one family anyways. If there is something I just gotta hear, they will definitely hit me!

We want to thank King Tech again for giving us a minute of his time and we encourage everyone to listen to Shade 45 TONIGHT at 8 PM and show your support!

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