The Weeknd Cuts Ties With H&M Over Racist Ad

AllHipHop Staff

The Weeknd has had it with H&M after the company released racist images to market their clothing line.

(AllHipHop News) Top R&B singer The Weeknd is taking a stand against H&M and is cutting ties with the company over a racist ad.

H&M is at the center of controversy, over an image of an African-American child with the words "coolest monkey in the jungle" emblazoned across a green hoodie.

To make matters worse, two other tops in the line featured young white kids, with the words "survival experts" on their chests.

The image immediately drew widespread outrage and was condemned by celebrities ranging from Sean "Diddy" Combs to Questlove.

Earlier today, H&M issued an apology for the advertisement, but it appears their statement comes a little too late.

"This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended," said H&M spokeswoman Anna Eriksson.

The Weeknd, who announced a partnership with H&M in February of 2017, has officially severed his relationship with the company over the insensitive advertisement.

"woke up this morning shocked and embarrassed by this photo. i’m deeply offended and will not be working with @hm anymore," The Weeknd revealed on Twitter.

Other outspoken celebrities like Nicki Minaj, and actor Jesse Williams, who have also worked with H&M have yet to comment on the fiasco.

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They should start a boycott of hm...I am