The Wire Tap: Felicia "Snoop" Pearson


this world of wannabes, copycats and biters, few originals remain. Felicia “Snoop”

Pearson is an ambitious young woman with a style and presence that is incomparable

to anyone. Not only is The Wire going

down in the books as one of the greatest shows on Television, Felicia’s

character Snoop (which is also her nickname in real life) is going to be remembered

as one of the scariest female gangsters in Hollywood.


we first spoke to the actress last year about her troubled past and how she

came about landing a role on The Wire,

she told us about a book she was working on. She did release the novel Grace After Midnight in 2007, which is

based on her own life. She has since found a great comfort in her new role as a

role model, and Snoop’s excitement about life is evident as we catch up on her



got a little insight from Snoop about her character’s mindset, her work with

young people and troubled women, and her goals for life after The Wire.

Snoop has always had an "I don't care" type of swagger since she was

introduced on The Wire, but that

seems to have progressed into an even scarier cold-hearted apathy about her

work. What is going through Snoop's mind as she sees Marlo taking hold of the



“Snoop” Pearson: The character Snoop is a soldier and Marlo is the General.

It’s not for her to question Marlo or his orders, he says to do it… she do it.

It’s work, it ain’t personal, so nah, Snoop don’t care about who she got to do,

cause she just following orders. If a soldier starts caring about the people he

got to go kill in a war, then he ain’t gonna want to be a soldier no more. How does

she feel about Marlo taking over the city? 

That’s what we came there to do. [laughs]


came on in Season Three - Snoop, Marlo and Chris, planning to take over the

corners, so now that we got them Snoop feels like… Well, on one hand she feels like they on top, ‘cause

she is right up there Marlo’s left hand, but on the other hand she knows she

got a lot more to worry about. Cops are still thinking about all those bodies

in the vacants and crazy ass Omar gonna be trying to get at all of us, so I

guess you can say she’s a little nervous about that. But not much, ‘cause she

knows that it can happen any time, any where.

So are you trying to tell us something?


Nah, nah [laughs] I’m just saying, that’s what’s on Snoop’s mind.

Chris seems to be Snoop's only friend.

Does she care about anything in life outside of her job, and does she even see

a future for herself in the world?


Snoop don’t believe in friends, ‘cause Snoop don’t trust nobody but Marlo and

Chris. So Marlo and Chris are her only friends. She’s cool with some of the

rest of the team, but if you don’t trust people you can’t consider them your

friends and they damn sure can’t be considered family. Does she see a future for herself… I don’t

know. Snoop lives everyday as it comes

and doesn’t really think about her future the way other people think about

their futures.

Does Snoop find any pleasure in "mentoring" the younger hitmen like

Michael, or pleasure in anything outside of killing for that matter?


She enjoys being good at what she does, and likes the fact that everybody

respects and fears her. The younger soldiers look up to her and have respect

for her. Yeah, Snoop does find pleasure in that. See, Snoop gets to teach them

what she knows and she makes it kind of fun for them, like war games. That’s

when you can actually see that Snoop is smart too.


fact the whole Stanfield organization is smart, we’re all good at what we do,

we think first. The Snoop character is the perfect match for Marlo and Chris ‘cause

while they go around building the business, Snoop keeps training and building

the army and teaches them to be thinkers too. That’s why we wanted Michael to

join up with us, ‘cause he’s smart too. 

So Snoop mentors killers, but killers who think - and yeah, Snoop enjoys


Everyone in the streets always had a healthy fear of Omar. Now that the war

with Omar is in full swing, and Snoop is on the frontlines, is she

still fearful of him?


Snoop respects Omar. It’s not about fear, but she plans to get him before he

can get them. But that Spiderman sh*t.. [laughs] I dunno. Yeah, Snoop is

definitely very respectful right now [laughs].

You released your first book last year. How has the experience of openly

sharing your life like that been?


Oh man, it’s been wild! I wanted to tell

my story, because I want people to understand who Felicia Pearson is. I mean

people is always asking me, “is you a boy or a girl” or did you really kill

somebody? If I’m gay, like I’m supposed

to say, “No, I ain’t gay” - man get out of here. I am a female, I am gay and I’m not proud

about the fact that I killed somebody. It was in self defense. I was a kid and

I handled it like the hard-head kid that I was back then - all wrong. I’m not trying to say that it’s all over with,

‘cause trust me, not a day goes by where I don’t wish I can change what

happened. But, I can’t.

Do you have plans for more books or even a movie on your life?

Snoop: Yeah, I plan to make a movie from the book Grace After Midnight, and write other

stories about people who maybe nobody knows who they are, but they have a story

to tell like mine.

You've done quite a bit of work speaking to young people about staying in

school, staying out of trouble, etc. What are you doing these days to mentor

kids and young adults? Do you work specifically with troubled women?


Well that was one of the reasons I wanted to write my book, because I think

that maybe some kids coming up now will read it and I hope it will stop them

from making some of the mistakes I made. 

Right now me and Jamie Hector have an youth group called Moving

Mountains Inc. Jamie started it in NY, and so I started the sister group in Baltimore,

watch it’s an East Coast movement to stop youth violence, teach performing arts

and help kids who really want to get off the streets and stay out of



also check for the women in prisons. I go do visits and let them know that they

are not forgot about and that they are gonna be all right. See right now

they’re in “Midnight,” that’s the time in my life that I call Midnight in my

book, I was going through it. But see God showed me Grace, that’s where I am

now. I’m living in Grace After Midnight [laughs]. You’re gonna have to get the

book to understand.

Although there aren't many characters like Snoop, do you have

any favorite female Hollywood gangsters?


Who do I like? Oh, female, Hollywood gangsters? 


What are you working on as far as film and TV now that The Wire is done?


Well I just hosted a week of Rap City

for BET. That was fun; shout out to Q45, he was cool joking around with us and

all. Said he needed a break for a minute. [laughs] Besides that, I’ve been

reading some scripts and going on some auditions, but you know with this strike

going on, there hasn’t been a whole lot to go for. Man, I’ll be glad, everybody will be glad when the strike

is done. I really want to get on The L

Word; they need to write a role for me on there. Let me take all of Shane’s girls [laughs].


been in the studio too, so I hope to have a hit out soon. If you would have

told me a few years ago that I would be on one of the best shows on TV and have

a serious book deal, I would have said you was buggin’! Now I know all things are possible, so I’m

gonna do it all - and I advise all of you readers to do the same.