The World Famous Wakeup Show Coming To MTV

Sway and Tech's

World Famous Wake Up Show will make the move from syndicated radio to an MTV

television show.

The award winning hip-hop radio show that started in San Francisco in 1991,

will make the move to MTV and debut this December.

If enough people tune into the show, it could be added to MTV's regular lineup.

The Wake Up Show is one of the most respected syndicated radio shows in history

and showcased many legendary battles and upcoming rappers.

Biggie Smalls received his first radio airplay on the show and Eminem was subsequently

signed by Dr. Dre after his appearance.

Sway took the job as MTV News' hip-hop correspondent in the summer of 2000 and

continues to contribute to The Wake Up Show.

Sway and Tech also

head up Bolo Entertainment, which dropped Sly Boogie's critically acclaimed

album, Judgement Day.