The X Fact(her): 100 Days of Obama and Counting

AllHipHop Staff

Did Karl Rove just say that Obama is equipped to be our leader???

I’ve had many jobs in my life and I’ve

never received as much as a flower or cake when I lasted 100 days. My

first job out of college I did get a pair of Tiffany champagne flutes

when I hit my one year anniversary. I was laid off exactly one year

later. No parting gift either.

Of course we all understand the

magnitude of Prez Obama being in office for 100 days. Some of us are

still reeling from his being nominated and eventually being elected

#44. He possibly has the hardest job in the world and has had his fare

share of tests these past three months. The last time we tracked a

black man’s first 100 days in office was Jay-Z as president of Def Jam

and we see how that turned out.

By most accounts he’s doing a good job,

but if he weren’t would “we”, those who rode hard for him, the

underdog, ever turn against him?

What would Obama have to do to make us not like him?

The economy is in the crapper and he

still has fans. Surely, we know it wasn’t his fault and we seem to

applaud his every move to help with jump starting the economy. I’m

personally grateful for his Cobra plan for folks recently laid off; the

government pays 65% of my monthly payments. Unemployment was extended

from 26 weeks to 33 and an additional $25 was added to each weekly


Obama, you have no complaints from me. A recent survey shows his approval rating at 69%.

As news of his 100 days in office began

to take over the cable news outlets, even his harshest critics had

little to complain about when rating Obama in comparison to what our

last president (we won’t even mention his name here) did in 2,920 days.

While 100 days is a great

accomplishment (especially since the country hasn’t crashed and burned

as many who were opposed to a novice president of color taking the

reigns had thought), it’s a grain of sand in the hour glass when you

think of what the next 3 years and nine months can bring.

Regardless, lets break out the

champagne and raises our glasses (I have two I have yet to use) and

make a toast to his honor, Prez Obama.

Be sure to remove your face mask before you take a sip.

- CH

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