The X Fact(her) - Don't Tell Me What To Do With My Womb!

AllHipHop Staff

You might not know who Dr.

George Tiller is or understand why he was gunned down in church as he

served as an usher. You probably didn’t know that Dr. Tiller survived a previous assassination attempt over a decade ago and that various anti-abortion

organizations dubbed him a mass-murder and a baby killer.

Dr. George Tiller’s Wichita

practice was the site for daily protesters, who objected to Tiller’s

administering late-term abortions. His death by the hands of a rabid pro-life

supporter may have ended Tiller’s life but won’t do much in stopping women from

terminating their pregnancy. Which raises the question: Why attack a doctor who

is offering a service that women are demanding?

It’s estimated that 3,700 illegal

abortions are performed each day. That comes to about 1.37 million a year. Abortion was criminalized throughout the U.S.

between the late 1800s and 1973. But during that time, millions of women sought

and obtained abortions anyway. These “back alley” abortions were performed on

kitchen tables, back rooms, using coat hangers and no medicine to numb the

pain. Thousands of women lost their lives as the result of botched abortions or

infections caused by the amateur procedures.

We all know at least one woman

who has had an abortion, imagine her dying because she had to seek the services

of an unprofessional? Are we really trying to go back to those times?

It’s no secret, we live in a

hypocritical society. A society that is outraged by murder as along as the

victim isn’t someone we hate. We want to tell others what to do but don’t want

any restrictions placed on ourselves. Too often we forget that America

is a free country. Free meaning not imprisoned or enslaved; being at liberty.

Free meaning not controlled by obligation or the will of another.

In 1973 the Supreme Court ruled

on Roe v. Wade, making it legal

for a woman to abort her pregnancy for any reason, up until the

"point at which the fetus becomes viable." Finally, women had the

freedom to decide what was best for their bodies.

For so long men who dominated

politics were left in charge to decide what was best for women and some

politicians are still trying implement laws regarding a woman’s right to

choose. Today, some of the most vocal anti-abortion supporters are men—Bill

O’Reilly, anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, director of the National Right

to Life Committee David N. O’Steen to name a few. You don’t see women telling the government to

enforce vasectomies for men. Lord knows this man needs one:


Instead of feuding pro-life vs.

pro-choice, why aren’t folks demanding that the government make condoms or the

birth control pill free? Why aren’t people protesting outside of the chain drug

stores that lock

up condoms and force already embarrassed customers to ask for assistance?

(Have you noticed that this often happens in the hood?)

Before we get to abortion, there

are many safe sex options that should be promoted and de-stigmatized. For

example, there are still some women who are too embarrassed to demand a partner

use a condom. Some people truly can’t afford condoms or medical insurance to

cover the cost of birth control.

As a woman, no as independent

thinking human being, I want to exercise full control over my body. If the

government can’t tell me what faith to practice, job to have, where to live,

what to eat, why should they or anyone else holding a protest sign be allowed

to dictate what is right for my womb?

- CH

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