There's More Than Terror In Malaysia

Hip-Hop in Malaysia?

Correct. Malaysia, which is now becoming familiar to American's as an alleged

breeding ground for terrorists and Osama Bin Laden's Al Qaida network, is also

home to multi-platinum Malaysian hip-hop group, Too Phat. A new compilation

is in the works to showcase the Malaysian hip-hop scene. The compilation, titled

The Phat Family, will feature some of the best in Malaysian hip-hop. New artists

such as MOB, Phlowtron, Muchachaz, The TEH Tarik Crew, DJ T-Bone are features,

as well as new track from Too Phat.

The Phat Family compilation album is set to be

released at the end of March. Here is the track listing:

Phlow-A-Tech feat. Liyana Lil Boogie - Phlowtron

Don't Cha Worry feat. Ruffedge - MOB

Not A Good Idea - The TEH Tarik Crew

Deep Doo Doo feat. Helium B. - Too Phat

Come On, Come On - Muchachaz

Shake - Phlowtron

Time Tested - The TEH Tarik Crew

Bring It Raw - The Phat Family

Foo' - MOB

Phat Family Anthem feat Liyana Lil Boogie - The Phat Family