Thieves Steal Truckload Of 'Pimp Juice'

Almost 3,000 cases of

Nelly’s energy drink Pimp Juice were stolen the Thursday before Christmas

(Dec. 22) in St. Louis, Missouri.

Representatives for Fillmore Street Brewery, the company that

manufactures Pimp Juice, said the bandits may have been caught on tape and have

filed a report with local police.

“Somebody's holiday parties are going to be poppin,”

Nelly told in a statement. “Our company is prepared to handle

situations like this, but it is sad that people get desperate this time of year.”

The Pimp

Juice was bound for Trinidad and was the third shipment to the island, which

is an emerging market for the energy drink.

“It is unbelievable

to think that someone would steal an entire truckload of our product. I guess

the only positive thought on the subject is that this means the product is in

high demand,” said William Wooten, president of Fillmore Street Brewery,

which manufactures Pimp Juice and PJ Tight.

The product began

shipping to several different countries in 2005 including Canada, Australia,

South Africa and various European countries.