Think B.I.G.! Local Library Dedicates Section In Honor Of Biggie Smalls

AllHipHop Staff

The Clinton Hill branch of the Brooklyn Public Library just announced some "BIG" news.

(AllHipHop News) Despite what everyone thinks, The Notorious B.I.G. was not from Bedstuy.

He might have rocked there… did a few things there… But the legendary rapper, that many believe is the greatest rapper to ever live, was from Clinton Hills.

So, it makes perfect sense for his community library to dedicate an entire section in its annals to him.

Sanctioned by the Brooklyn Public Library two days before the 23rd anniversary of his March 9th death, a new collection of Hip-Hop themed books and resources will be housed in its Clinton Hill Branch on Washington Ave.

“There’s many young people, and young adults, who love hip hop — but not a lot of them have read a book on hip-hop,” stated Brooklyn native LeRoy McCarthy, who worked to have this literary marker achieved. “This will encourage them to pick up a book on that, and maybe pick up some other subject in the library instead of playing video games.”

The collection will range in topics: Hip-Hop music, biographies, fashion, graffiti and local history.

McCarthy continues, “Hip-Hop was born here, but I don’t believe that New York has honored Hip-Hop like other cities have honored their indigenous music.”

McCarthy has been working to preserve B.I.G.’s legacy for a minute. He also worked to have Biggie’s (whose real name is Christopher Wallace) block— St. James Place between Gates Avenue and Fulton Street — named after him last year.

There are a few other spots named after the Bad Boy rapper. B.I.G.’s name appears over the Crispus Attucks Playground on Fulton Street too.

Christopher Wallace aka Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot in 1997 at the age of 24.