This Fashion Designer's Wife Inspired A$AP Rocky's Diamond Implanted Teeth

A$AP Rocky has revealed the inspiration behind the fashionable diamond implants in his teeth.

(AllHipHop News) Rapper A$AP Rocky has credited designer Rick Owens' wife Michele Lamy with inspiring him to have diamonds implanted into his teeth.

The "Wild for the Night" hitmaker, who is known for his sparkling smile, has long been a fan of Owens' clothing and has got to know Rick and his muse, Michele, since rising to fame.

Rocky reveals he and Michele have become so close, he always looks to her for fashion advice.

"Michele Lamy is like my fairy godmom," he tells GQ Style. "She's the reason I got all these diamonds in my mouth. She had hers since 1985 (sic). She puts me on (to what's in style)."

Revealing they often talk about art when they aren't discussing fashion, Rocky continues, "She tries to make me evolve as an artist. She encourages me to do more things outside of musical arts - more contemporary art. She taught me the difference between masters and Renaissance and contemporary and Pop art. It's been a journey."

Michele has also been willing to help the hip-hop star with his love life by setting him up with single female friends.

"Michele Lamy be hooking me up with all type of models - not all type of models, but her friends who she thinks is sweet," he shares. "She says, 'You need to meet her, she's a nice girl...,' and I go meet her. They either crazy or nice (sic)."

Rocky is thought to be single currently after parting ways with model Kendall Jenner.

He and Kim Kardashian's half-sister first became romantically linked in June 2016, after they were spotted partying together in Paris, France.

They also attended the Met Gala in New York in May, when Kim shared a rare picture of the rumored couple together, with Rocky's arms wrapped around Kendall's waist as he rested his hands on her butt.

The young stars never discussed their reported relationship or break-up publicly, but Kendall has seemingly moved on to date basketball player Blake Griffin.