This or That: Curren$y Talks Live In Concert, Next Joint Project, & Preferred Brand Of Kush

(AllHipHop News) Curren$y's work ethic is undeniable. He has released numerous projects over the last several years including Weekend at Burnie's, The Stoned Immaculate, and New Jet City. The New Orleans emcee is also fresh off dropping his most recent collaboration, the Live In Concert EP, with Wiz Khalifa on 4/20.

AllHipHop spoke with Spitta to find out more about his latest music projects and to get his picks on some his topics of interest in an exclusive "This or That" Q&A. The Jet Life leader shares who he's taking in a head-to-head match-up of the NBA's top two scorers, his favored smoke-out buddy movie between Meth & Red vs Cheech & Chong, his preferred New Awlins Hip-Hop classic, and more.

AllHipHop: Live In Concert has six tracks on it. Are there more songs from those sessions that weren't released?

Curren$y: Yeah, it was supposed to be seven songs. We got one that we were having issues getting cleared. The person who had the publishing to the first six songs had no problem with what we were talking about, but the person who owned the last record didn't want us talking about weed and chicks and didn't want us rapping about cool shit own their beat. They kept asking if we could change the lyrics, and we didn't want to do that. So we just didn't do the record. If they would have cleared it we stood to make some money with him or her, but they didn't want do that.

Why did you and Wiz decide to use Bobbi Humphrey's Fancy Dancer for the samples?

We use to smoke to that album after shows or before shows. That was some shit we use to listen to, and the way the music is they have all those instrumental gaps in the songs. For anybody who raps it becomes second nature to fuck around in those little spaces, so we decided to just take it full-scale.

If you could do a full joint project with anyone else, who would you choose?

Young Roddy. We were just discussing that. We're talking about trying to set-up some time to do some shit like that, because I know how crazy that would be.

So that's going to be in the works?

Yeah, that's going to happen. It's definitely going to happen.

Ski Beatz recently said that Pilot Talk III was being held up because of complications between you and Dame Dash. Have you been able to settle those issues and is that project still on?

Yeah, I'm still going to do it, but I'm just taking care of some other things first. Like I alluded to when I mentioned Roddy, we're working on his album, and I'm trying to be involved in that process right now. Then I'll be able to get to Pilot Talk III. That way when I feature him on jams off Pilot Talk III he'll be so much further in the game. I got to get my man all the way on. That's my goal right now, but Pilot Talk III is definitely on the way.

This or That: KD or Melo?

KD because for Wale's birthday some years ago KD was there. I met homeboy and homeboy was cool, so that's my man.

New Jack City or Juice?

Juice because at the end of the day Nino folded on the stand and started trying to bring down all his homies because he had to go down. That was weak.

Up In Smoke or How High?

How High. Me and my homie were just talking about that yesterday. I guessed I'm biased to that one, because I was just recently speaking about it. That's the one I watch the most.

The Chronic or Doggystyle?

Doggystyle hands down - artwork. It had the story. It had the comic book in it. I really did like The Chronic, because it was like a movie, but the total package of the artwork and the music goes to Doggystyle.

Ghetto D or 400 Degreez?

400 Degreez. I still listen to both of those albums, but 400 Degreez has the most songs with playability. I have to skip through Ghetto D right now, but I can let 400 Degreez play all the way through. And me and Juvie are like crazy, tight homeboys right now, so I have to pick my homie.

If you could only have one for the rest of your life, Bentley or Ferrari?

Ferrari because I'm sitting right next to mine.

Po-Boy or Gumbo?

Gumbo because it's a po-boy, stew, a rice dish, and seafood all in one. You got everything there.

Regular Show or Adventure Time?

Man, you're splitting hairs with that one... Regular Show because that one very well could come on during Adult Swim. I'm glad it doesn't, because if it did they would probably try and do too much and make it not so funny. But the fact that they try and do so much at the time that they are on makes it funnier. You kind of have to use your brain.

Internet dance meme: Movin' Like Bernie or Harlem Shake?

[Smoke] DZA's from Harlem and he's my homie. Weekend at Burnie's was the name of one my projects though, so I guess I gotta go with the "Bernie Dance."

Purple or OG?

OG all day long. People kind of rush purple because they're just growing it to look a certain way. OG is what it is.

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Live In Concert is available for purchase on iTunes.

New Jet City is available for download at datpiff.

Watch Curren$y's new video for "Kingpin" below.