Thousands Of Fans Upset After Dem Franchise Boyz Miss South Carolina Concert Date


Hip-Hop quartet Dem Franchize Boyz was a no show Friday (July 21) at an event

which attracted 1,100 fans.The

group, under contract to perform at 10:30 p.m. at the Greenwood Civic Center in

South Carolina, was the scheduled headliner for the four and a half hour event,

which also featured a dance contest, DJ and other groups.Although promoters

informed the crowd at 11:20 p.m. that the group was on its way from Atlanta, they

canceled the performance by 12:30 a.m. During that time, Dem Franchize Boyz was

still on the road and in Elberton, Ga., according to the Index-Journal."They

were paid to show up. They did not show up, and everybody blames us and the promoter,"

said Tracy Upton, vice president for operations at the Civic Center. "The

promoter did one of the best jobs I've seen in a long time (getting word out about

the show). Their crowd was here, but the headliners did not show up."The

no show marked the second time in eight years a Civic Center act was paid and

failed to show up, remembered Upton, who called the situation "disappointing.""I

can't get them to answer the phone; my lawyer can't get them to answer the phone,"

said Johnson, who admitted that despite it being his first time working with Dem

Franchize Boyz, the group isn't known for missing shows. "I think they've

showed up at all their concerts."Although,

the crowd became "real rowdy" when they were told Dem Franchize Boyz

would not perform, Reggie Johnson, the show's promoter, said the crowd "left

because officers were there. They calmed down pretty quick."When

it was clear that Dem Franchize Boyz would not appear, extra security was called

in by officers on duty at the civic center, added Upton.Fans

looking for refunds were out of luck. Johnson told the Index-Journal Tuesday

(July 25) that all ticket revenues are with Dem Franchize Boyz' management. As

a result, he doesn't have any money for refunds. Parents demanding refunds at

the Civic Center also came away empty-handed after learning the reason why they

would not be compensated.To

make up for the mishap, Johnson's company, RRJ Productions, will hold a pool party

and cookout for all ticket holders. The event will be 2 p.m. Saturday (July 29)

at the R.L. Stevens Recreation Center on Seaboard Avenue. The event will be paid

for by the company.In

addition to the pool party, Johnson mentioned a possible show in the future for

ticket-holders to "keep the (company's) name good."