Three 6 Mafia Lands Reality Cooking Show

AllHipHop Staff

The remaining two members of Three 6 Mafia are continuing to capitalize on their crossover success with yet another unexpected new venture.

DJ Paul and Juicy J have developed a new television project which will introduce the world to their love of cooking.

Cookin’ Ain’t Easy will find the two longtime friends and collaborators hosting a weekly dinner party for friends, fans and celebrity guests.

But prior to the arrival of the guests and the start of the meal, the show will also follow them as they prepare the meal to be served, giving viewers the opportunity to actually learn the week’s recipes.

“It is a completely fresh approach to a cooking show,” said veteran reality TV producer Adam Briles, who will executive produce the show. “You get much of the same take-away information that viewers expect from the genre, but it is served up in such a unique, relatable and funny way that it is just flat out entertaining.”

While DJ Paul and Juicy J’s antics are sure to keep fans attention, as they did with their 2007 MTV show Adventures in Hollyhood, the new show will also showcase Three 6 Mafia’s versatility in the kitchen.

“We’re not just cooking soul food like people might expect,” explained Juicy J. “We’re cooking Indian food, Italian, Asian, Middle Eastern food – all different inds of foods that people wouldn’t think we could cook. It’s a comedy, it’s funny and we love bringing people together for it.”

A launch date for Cookin’ Ain’t Easy has yet to be determined, as Mise En Scene Entertainment and the William Morris Endeavor Agency are shopping it to major cable networks now.

The show’s producer, Adam Briles, has produced shows like Survivor, The Contender and Out of the Wild: The Alaska Experiment.