Three The Gaming Way: Ninja Gaiden 2 Too Hard? Racism in Resident Evil? Battlefield the COD4 Killer?

TheKoGz is back the Konsole Kingz Top Three, so lets

get get get it!

3. Ninja Gaiden 2 - Does it measure up?

I guess it depends on when you starting it, and

how hardcore of a platformer you are.

If you have never played it, then you would

probably say, "Man, this sh*t is hard as f***." But if you are a

hardcore Ninja Gaiden you might say, "Man, they made this too easy, and

why did they take out the rolling dodge move?"

Don't believe. Check out to see Gaming D (Ninja Gaiden

Master) and KawzNFX (new Ninja Gaiden player) go head to head about this game.

2. Resident Evil 5 - Still Racist?

In one of the latest RE5 trailers, they introduce

this woman as Leon's new partner. She

tells Leon, "Welcome to Africa." Now, the real question at hand is

will this simple fact be enough to remove the racial cloud hanging over this


Will people just see a white guy blasting Africans

heads off? Will having an African woman blasting Africans heads off make it any


1. Is Battlefield: Bad Company the COD4 Killer?

Yes, I said it! Well technically, I didn't say,

but my fellow king, Johnny Whisperz of Killers, Inc. fame, says so. And I rides

with my dawg, so take that, take that! I'm not a big COD4 player at all, but I have been on this Battlefield BC demo a lot. The game is hot. If you haven't downloaded the demo, I suggest you do that now.

The KoGz, out!

Check out

the action as Johnny defends BF:BC's number one spot and even more videos at