Three The Gaming Way: Wack Shootouts? The Big Fights! Metal Gear Solid 4

Before I get into this thing, I want to take a

moment to introduce myself to the loyal subjects. I'm TheKoGz of, where we bring Hip-Hop flavor to the gaming world.

We felt it was high time that the coolest cats in

gaming hooked up with the baddest cats in this online

Hip-Hop thang!

So here it is, the Top Three things going in the

gaming world from my vantage point.

Number 3: 

Shoot The Shooters

How many more shooters games can we play?! Every

month there is a new one and there are plenty more on the way. Now hear this

game developers and publishers! If your game is a weak-a** interpretation of

the following games then you need to hang it up: Halo 3, Resistance: Fall of

Man, Call of Duty 4, Splinter Cell or SOCOM.

Number 2: 

Fighting Games are Back!

Yeah baby! It's time for the button mashing,

comboing, countering and parrying to come back to the game (no pun intended). Take a look:


Fighter IV(360, PS3)


Kombat vs DC Universe (360, PS3)

Tekken 6

(in Japanese and arcade)

Soul Calibur

4 (360, PS3)

Dragon Ball

Z Burst Limit(360, PS3)


Ultimate Ninja Storm (PS3 demo)

Number 1: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Now I personally don't play this sh*t, but there a

lot of people that do and they have been waiting on this game forever! There is a demo on the PS3 network, so go cop

it. So what makes this game that great? Well, it kind of change the way we play

military combat games. It introduced stealth into war combat, and it has been around since the first


The storyline is very rich and in-depth. For

example: the first and second games that came out on the NES and PS2,

respectively, actually took place from 1995 – 1999 and Metal Gear Solid 3 actually took place in 1964. That is some deep

sh*t ain't it? Well, this is supposed to be the last Metal Gear game and Solid Snake is supposed to die, so you may want

to check it out.

The KoGz, out!

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